MusiChild Fourth Meeting - 4 & 5 July 2015

During MusiChild’s meeting at Ionian University 4-5 July 2015 the Partnership worked on topics regarding the Evaluation tool and musicality protocol, Evaluation in music for special needs children. On the first day the Partnership also arranged different practical issues regarding the execution of the 30-hour intensive training course and as well as the Implementation of the course over a period of 3 months in the coming fall.
During the second day the Partnership discussed the following Outputs and the next steps of the project until the last meeting of the project in Cyprus next year: Multicultural and intercultural curricula for early childhood music education: rational/philosophy, aims, teaching outlines; Best practices for teachers' preparation: a qualitative ethnographic research on music teaching in ECME in the Mediterranean; Writing and editing of the project’s academic E-book with extending invitations to prominent scholars whose countries belong to the Mediterranean basin and practical issues regarding the development of the MusiChild Music Education manual.

Corfu 4meetingB