Welcome to the Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music (C.C.R.S.M.), a non-profit academic organization dedicated to the development and promotion of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and study of music. Here you will find information and all the latest about our organization, various activities organized, services and publications offered.

Our Mission

Recognizing the fundamental power of music and its tremendous significance in people’s lives CCRSM aims in bringing together and actively engage and challenge musicians and/or creators, educationalists and/or researchers, children and/or adults, cultural entrepreneurs and investors all of which always strive to go one step further. CCRSM serves as a centre for the creation and implementation of new ideas related to music leadership, music learning and music professional development in Cyprus, its regional communities, the Mediterranean basin and Europe at large.


Latest News

  • SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture

    SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture

    The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture, a 5-volume encyclopedia has just been published (April 2019). Dr Avra Pieridou Read More
  • ECME publication from Springers

    ECME publication from Springers

    Music in Early Childhood: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives and Inter-disciplinary Exchanges Editors: Young, Susan, Ilari, Beatriz (Eds.), Springers publishers   Pieridou Skoutella, A. (2019). Read More
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