First Multiplier Event - 01/11/2014

The First Multiplier Event took place at Arte Music Academy in Nicosia, Cyprus on Saturday 1st
November 2014, 8.30 – 13.30.

Kindergarten teachers from the public, private and communal sector of the Republic of Cyprus
More than one hundred kindergarten teachers from different parts of Cyprus, the public and
private sector participated in the event.

The event included:

1. Presentation by Avra Pieridou Skoutella of C.C.R.S.M. regarding the main points of the
cross-comparative research that was taking place during that period. There was reference
on the formal situation in our countries of early childhood music education policies,
practices, teacher training and material. Cross –cultural similarities and differences were
presented as well as those findings that enhance cross-cultural understanding of the
complexity of different religious, cultural, ethnic, ideological and educational matters in
ECME in the Mediterranean basin.

2. Combined presentations from Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus in order to demonstrate via
practical examples of traditional songs and music education methodologies as well as
analysis of this material (a) the cross-cultural commonalities and differences of music
education practices, content and methodology, (b) how modernity effects negotiate with
tradition in developing sound recordings and visual representations of tradition suitable
for young children and (c) how multiculturalism and interculturalism in the
Mediterranean are expressed in informal and traditional musical practices, songs and
dances. Such activities also aimed towards increasing awareness of child musical
learning from different cultural, religious, national, ethnic, educational contexts through
embodied relevant musical activities.

The event concluded with clarifications of any questions from the audience and explanation of
how MUSICHILD will develop. The event received extremely positive feedback by the
participants who were extremely enthusiastic.