MusiChild Third Meeting - 21 May 2015

MusiChild team meeting report
Thursday 21 May 2015

The meeting’s first day begins with the Director of Scuola Popolare di Musica Donna Olimpia Francesco Saverio Galtieri welcoming of the team.

Start of the team working: Pilot studies - Evaluation tools

Dr José Luis Aróstegui presents some reflections regarding data collections and a pilot study from Spain and presents evaluation tools. The work about Pilot studies and Evaluation tools continues: each partner presents reflections regarding pilot study and observation from the own country to contribute to the evaluation tools outcomes.

Dr Zoe Dionisiou presents the results of the observations and pilot studies regarding Musicality protocol.

The team discuss and decide on how these reflections and contributions may be set and used for the training of teachers during the course in Corfu.

Dr Amaya Epelde Larranaga from Granada University presents contribute ideas to the methodology and teaching strategies about children creativity, improvisation and playing.

During the second day, the work continues with MusiChild conceptual framework, aim, curriculum outlines, teacher role and teaching strategies.

Interculturality theoretical frameworks presentations by Dr Zoe Dionisiou and Dr José Luis Aróstegui.

Discussion about (a) organising the MusiChild intensive training Course (b) disseminating outputs in CDIME-Helsinky and Valencia Conferences (by Dr. Pieridou and Dr. José Luis Aróstegui.) and (c) preparing the material for the MusiChild sound material CD (recordings and copyrights permissions).

During the afternoon Paola Anselmi and Dr Avra Pieridou presents contribute ideas to the methodology and teaching strategies for the Training Course and MusiChild Manual. Then all the team works on teaching activities, lessons and ‘deep’ sharing of our multicultural personalities.