Best Practice Project Presentations (Bonn 2017)

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership ‘Early Childhood Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean’ was selected as European Best Practice Project and represented Cyprus at the 30-Years Erasmus Anniversary Conference ‘Best practice results from Erasmus+- A European conference on Dissemination and Impact in the School Sector’ 17-19 May 2017, Bonn with poster and workshop presentations.

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Conference Presentations

MusiChild work was presented (after having been accepted) in the following Academic Conferences:

- Interculturality and Early Childhood Music Education: Raising children’s musicality and enabling teachers’ preparation, Paper presentation at the International Conference of Music Education RIME, Exeter, April 2015. 

- Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean: Comparative music education enquiry; the conceptual journey in intercultural and multicultural music education; proposed rational and teaching methodologies from Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus, International Conference on Cultural Diversity in Music Education XII, Sibelius Academy, Finland, June 2015.

- La Evaluación De La Educación Musical Infantil Desde Una Perspectiva Intercultural. 
(The evaluation of Early Childhood Music Education; from an intercultural perspective) Fourth Multidisciplinary International Congress of Educational Research, Valencia, Spain, July 2015.