Dr Antonia Forari, PhD

fonariAntonia Forari was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus.
She got a BA in Musical Studies from the Music Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1997) and pursued graduate studies at the Institute of Education - University of London, where she got an MA (1998) and a PhD in Music Education (2005), under the supervision of Professor Dr Lucy Green. Her PhD thesis entitled “The Voices of Cypriot Music Education: A Sociological Exploration», focuses on issues of music education policy-making and practice, views of worthwhile musical knowledge, structure and agency and music curriculum.

She has also got a Piano Certificate from the Hellenic Music School of Athens(Class of Betty BarzoukaGaitanou), Harmony Certificatefrom the Hellenic Music School of Athens, and Counterpoint Certificate from the Atheneum Conservatory of Athens with distinction (Class of Kostas Varotsis).

Antonia has worked as a music teacher at all levels of public secondary schools (starting in 1998), as a full-time academic faculty in the Department of Music (2005 - 2007) and as a part-time faculty in the Department of Education (2008) of the University of Nicosia while she lectured in the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus (2012). She is a Scientific Collaborator at the Master of Music Programme of the European University of Cyprus (2014, 2015).

The Ministry of Education and Culture seconded her for three years to the University of Cyprus to teach at the Pre-Service Teacher Training Programme (2008-2011).

Since 2011, The Ministry of Education and Culture seconded her at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and is the coordinator for implementing the music curriculum in secondary education. From her position, Antonia is extensively involved in teacher training, writing up educational material, conferences and seminars, educational research, students’ assessment and examinations, curriculum revision, curriculum implementation, educational programmes, student musical practices and educational committees.

She has presented several research papers in local and international conferences, published research articles and one book chapter in peer-reviewed journals and publications in education and music education.

She has co-founded the Cyprus Music Education Society (Mou.sy.ky) where she served as President for several years. She has also been in administrative boards and a member in several professional organisations, such as the Cyprus Musicological Association - MEK, the International Society of Music Education - ISME, the Greek Society for Music Education - GSME/EEME and the British Sociological Society -BSA.

She attempts to promote music education teaching strategies and practices which lead to all students’ musical experiences and lifelong connection in an enjoyable and musical way.